STS is committed to providing our clients with the highest standards of quality and service.

Southern Transcription Services, Inc. adheres to each client’s individual guidelines, as well as the AHDI Book of Style.

STS employs only experienced transcriptionists and editors, and all of our associates are required to maintain a high level of accuracy.


Southern Transcription Services, Inc. is HIPAA compliant. All of our associates are required to complete HIPAA compliance, computer security, and work area security training. Additionally, all STS associates are required to sign a confidentiality agreement.

STS ensures all incoming and outgoing data is encrypted and is compliant with HIPAA, PIPEDA and HITECH requirements. Every event associated with a document is logged for a complete and accurate audit trail.


Southern Transcription Services, Inc. provides transcription services to medical centers, imaging centers, as well as physician groups of all types and sizes.

STS offers a full range of services and works closely with our clients to provide a customized plan to meet the client’s unique voice capture and transcription needs at a competitive price.

STS has experience with multiple health information systems including: WinScribe, Dolbey Systems, CPSI Systems, MEDITECH, Epic, Healthland, Avreo, IDX Imagecast, McKesson STAR, DVI VoicePower, Cerner, 3M ChartScript, and many others.

STS also offers a web-based product suite encompassing voice capture, speech recognition, transcription, and automated distribution applications for healthcare documentation.


Southern Transcription Services, Inc. never outsources work within or outside of the United States. All transcription and editing is performed exclusively by employees based in the U.S.


Southern Transcription Services, Inc. believes service and support go above and beyond answering a telephone call or an e-mail. Organizations need people behind the solutions they select to work closely with them in a committed and ongoing partnership. We understand that every organization’s situation is unique. STS adapts to our clients uniqueness and provides services that fits their individual needs.

STS provides friendly customer service and support 24 hours a day. We strive to exceed our client’s expectations.

Southern Transcription Services, Inc. is confident that we can provide a dictation and transcription solution to meet all of your objectives.


Hannah Morris, President

Hannah received her education in medical transcription from Kennesaw  State University.  She has been in the medical transcription industry for over 25 years. Hannah began her career as a medical transcriptionist in a hospital setting. In 1999, she founded Southern Transcription Services. Hannah has had over two decades of success in assisting hospitals, imaging centers, and physician’s groups by working closely with clients to provide quality medical transcription. She is extremely dedicated to maintaining a close working relationship with all STS clients.


Cindy Rudeseal, Quality Assurance and Training Coordinator

Cindy received her education in medical office assisting from Georgia Northwestern Technical College. She has been in the medical transcription industry for over 25 years. She joined STS in 2004, and began her career with STS initially in radiology transcription. Within a few years, she advanced into account management in multiple disciplines. Currently, she manages quality assurance and training.


Marianne Wood, Administrative Assistant & Human Resources Manager

Marianne received her bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from Shorter University. She began working for STS in 2003 as an administrative assistant.