Where are you located?
STS is located at 40 Magnolia Farm Road, Taylorsville, Georgia.

How long has STS been in business?
STS began in 1999 to provide transcription services to a local hospital.

How many employees work for STS?
Currently, STS has approximately 60 employees throughout the United States.

What are the minimum requirements?
STS requires that transcriptionists have 2 or more years work experience.

What equipment is required?
STS will provide the software and transcription equipment. You will provide your own computer with Internet capability, (cable or DSL).

Can I work from home?
STS offers the opportunity for MTs to work remotely from home. Our software allows work to be delivered to you via DSL or cable.

How do I train?
Training is home-based. We ship your equipment via UPS and download your software on to your computer through our remote connection. Our trainer will then contact you to set up a day and time to train with you.

What employment opportunities are offered?
STS offers part-time and full-time positions.

What is expected from each position?
A part-time employee is required to produce 5,999 lines or less bi-weekly. A full-time employee is required to produce 13,000 lines bi-weekly.

Are flexible hours available?
Some accounts do have more flexible hours than others, but we try to work with each transcriptionists individually to make it possible for them to work the hours best for them.

Are there opportunities for advancement?
Yes! STS believes in offering our team members with advancement opportunities when they are available.

How are MTs compensated?
Each account varies, i.e. – Per Report – Visible Black Character – 65 Character Line

How and when am I paid?
STS employees are paid bi-weekly (the 15th and last day of the month). For your convenience we offer direct deposit.

What are the benefits?
STS offers a comprehensive benefits package for full time employees and their eligible dependents. We offer health, dental, vision, short/long term disability, life insurance, flexible spending account, and 401K.

When do the benefits go into effect?
If you are producing your full-time status lines after 90 days your benefits will go into effect. You must meet the line requirements before the benefits go into effect.