STS has prided itself on delivering a high-level of service and quality. STS is committed to maintaining a close working relationship with each of our clients which enables STS to go above and beyond in fulfilling their needs.

Privacy and STS adheres to each client’s individual guidelines of as well as the AHDI Book of Style.

Quality Assurance Audits are performed throughout the year. The results are forwarded to the transcriptionist as a way to communicate continuing education. STS guarantees an accuracy rate of at least 99%.

STS management staff review any report that contains blanks to ensure every attempt possible was made to complete the blank before sending to the facility.

All client formats, protocols and abbreviations expansion definitions will be adhered to.


All Southern Transcription Services employees are required to sign a confidentiality agreement, as well as participate in mandatory Computer Security Training. In addition, our HIPAA Compliance Officer routinely analyzes and updates company-wide protocols to ensure the safety and integrity of all company policies, protocols, and procedures to ensure maximum patient healthcare information security.

All STS employees are required to sign a confidentiality agreement, as well as participate in mandatory Computer Security Training, Work Area Security Training and HIPAA training.


Southern Transcription Services provides encryption for all incoming and outgoing data, fully in line with HIPAA, PIPEDA and HITECH requirements. Every event associated with a document, from transcription, to delivery and beyond, is logged for a complete and accurate audit trail. Whether the document was opened, faxed, printed, or modified, every event is logged, along with a user ID and timestamp. Logs are kept in the document archive and are accessible to customers at any time.

STS’ web-based state-of-the-art product suite (SpeechMotion) is housed in a V Data Center, meeting Hardened Data Center requirements and is designated a secure site by the Department of Homeland Security. Able to sustain 200 MPH winds and protected by both a primary and secondary distributed UPS system, as well as a backup generator, we are confident in the security and availability of STS and SpeechMotion.


Southern Transcription Services provides Medical Transcription Services customized to the client’s unique needs and requirements to formulate a unique and affordable solution. STS has 17 years of experience utilizing a variety of client health information systems including: WinScribe, Dolbey Systems, CPSI Systems, MEDITECH, Epic, Healthland, Avreo, IDX Imagecast, McKesson STAR, DVI VoicePower, Cerner, 3M ChartScript, and many others.

STS offers a web-based state-of-the-art product suite (SpeechMotion) encompassing voice capture, speech recognition, transcription and automated distribution applications for healthcare documentation. Completed documents are automatically distributed in accordance with the configurations established by the client, and may include any combination of HL7 upload, automated faxing, printing, letter printing on letterhead, envelope printing, point-of-care printing, encrypted e-mail, etc. Delivery can be automated, on demand, first-in/first-out, or scheduled in accordance with the client’s wishes.


Southern Transcription Services provides transcription services throughout the Southeast to various medical centers, imaging centers, as well as physician groups.

Designated users can get access to all system modules including statistical reporting, voice management, document management, document printing and document archival utilizing an online console. Data is stored “in the cloud,” making information accessible from anywhere, whether the hospital, clinic, or even at home. Healthcare administrators benefit by having the information they need accessible at any time.

Our system (SpeechMotion) is designed to handle high volumes and complex workflows that have been time-tested for over a decade. Its built-in, user-friendly documentation and management tools improve organizational efficiencies by centralizing common tasks that are often decentralized in many legacy systems. From workflow monitoring to statistics reporting, STS provides for all the managerial and technical needs of its users. Transparency and access to information is imperative for efficiency and timely management of patient records. The user’s ability to quickly monitor and access information was a key focal point in the design.


Southern Transcription Services does not outsource its transcription services to independent contractors, other companies, or to entities operating offshore. All STS transcription staff are located throughout the United States, and all STS associates are employees versus independent contractors.


Service and support go above and beyond answering a telephone call or e-mail. Organizations need people behind the solutions they select to work closely with them in a committed and ongoing partnership. Every organization who partners with STS receives exactly that – a partnership. We understand that every organization’s situation is different and unique. We do not box our customers in, but adapt to their uniqueness and provide a service that fits their needs.

We provide friendly service and support an open working relationship. We work very hard to document and meet every requirement so that our staff and services meet our client’s expectations.

The partners and staff of Southern Transcription Services are confident that we can provide a dictation and transcription solution to meet all of your objectives.


Hannah Morris founded STS in 1999 to provide quality transcription services to her local healthcare facility. She has 22 years of experience assisting facilities in managing medical transcription services and costs. Hannah works to ensure that all medical transcription services delivered by STS are turned around quickly, with quality, and at an affordable overall price. She is extremely dedicated to maintaining a close working relationship with all STS clients.

Hannah began working at Redmond in 1994 where she found her passion for transcription and more importantly her passion for patient care. She started working at Cartersville Medical Center in 1995 and noticed the desperate need for a local company that could produce quality work. In 1999 she started Southern Transcription Services with the sole object of helping the local hospital. Today STS provides transcription services to various Medical Centers, Imaging Centers and Physician Groups, throughout the state of Georgia and across the country.


Here at STS, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. STS will assign an Account Manager that is available to oversee and manage each account. The Account Manager will be directly supervised by STS President, Hannah Morris. In addition, a Manager on Call will be assigned to each shift to ensure a level of management available to each client 24/7. Collectively, these managers will be responsible for coordinating all services and support to the facilities including problem-solving, on-going coordination of services, request for stats and other on-going account interactions.